I starting this site when my son (Elder Tyler Walke - called to serve in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission) was about to go on his mission. I wanted to have a central place where I could keep his blog and the blogs of family and friends who also had missionaries serving in the field. I found this missionary blog very useful for sharing letters and photos from him with friends and family. I also received requests from others wanting to start their own missionary blogs so I thought I would do what I could to help others start their own missionary blogs. However, I’ve now decided to close this site to new blogs.  The demand for this service has declined and there are so many other options available that I no longer see the need to keep this site going.  Existing blogs will remain active until the end of the missionary’s service, then will be removed. Once all blogs have been removed I will shut down the site. Thanks to all those who have participated. I hope this has been a useful service to all those who have used it.

Best regards,
Wade Walke